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Monday, September 23, 2013


It was around Thanksgiving weekend, 2012 that a nine month old baby entered our home.  We have enjoyed watching him grow, progress and become an active toddler.  A few months ago, parental right were signed off/terminated.  We then began the process to adopt him.  Over the past couple weeks, I have felt such a greater emotional connected (yup, the attachment word) and it has been amazing.  It is  crazy how much he looks like Sam and Sydney.  He has the same skin tone as Sydney and similar hair to Sam.  Needless to say, Sam and Sydney are crazy in love with him.  We are so blessed to love him.  I pray that he has a strong identity as a child of God and will have a heart that seeks him early.  He loves his Bible story book I read to him every day.  He often goes into his room and starts looking for it. Actually, he calls most books Bibles because we read his Bible the most.  Prayers are already being answered. Praise God.

Below is a design I created for His room.


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