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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Muffin Mama

Remember the song, Do you know the muffin man, the muffin man, the ... stuck in your head yet? These days, I have been thinking of myself as the muffin mama. I am really loving making batches of muffins for my kids to have in their cold lunch for school. I often make a couple batches on Sunday and put them in the freezer. During the week, at least a couple days a week, they just take a couple muffins out of the freezer, add a veggie and some fruit, maybe a cheese stick and their lunch is packed.

In my muffin marathon baking sessions, I started with the traditional metal muffin tin and they were sticking pretty bad and terribly hard to clean. I left the pan in the sink for a couple days to soak, but that seemed to really annoy my husband. So plan B was to start using paper muffins liners. This helped but I hated how much muffin stuck to the paper liner. Then, I was shopping at Aldi's and saw the silicon muffin pans for 2.99. I bought one and went right home to test it out. The muffins came out perfectly and you do not even need to spray them. Yes, I went back and bought two more so I could make my weekend muffin baking session. Oh, did I mention how great they cleaned. Amazing little things. Here is the recipe from comfybelly.com

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